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Performance Partners | South Carolina

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Jared Price


Jared Price is a seasoned professional with a background in the trade industry and a degree in Economics. He began his career by running a successful trade business in the Denver metro area after college. Later, he excelled as a residential sales representative in the HVAC sector and honed his skills through industry-specific Sandler Sales Training.

Jared's journey led him to work in various roles in the HVAC field, including managing a shop in Virginia and later South Carolina. He also played a pivotal role in a buy-out turnaround as a GM in Arizona. Afterward, Jared joined ServiceTitan, where he established a thriving channel sales program, generating over 1 million dollars in annual recurring revenue.

Subsequently, he ventured into roles with SearchKings and simPRO software, taking on head of partnership responsibilities for North America. His experience and success led him to become a Sandler instructor and launch the HVAC Sales Mastery course. Jared's career has been marked by his commitment to Sandler sales training and his drive to maximize results and free up time for personal pursuits, including extensive travel.